Tine Sundtoft Attends UNEA in Kenya

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the President of the UN General Assembly, Ministers of Environment and Foreign Affairs and Chief Executives of a number of international organisations are set to attend the newly-established UNEA that will bring together over 1 200 high-level participants from government, business and civil society.

Key themes of the assembly are the fight against illegal trade of animals, plants and timber. Those kind of trades are often linked to organized crime and terrorist networks. Another topic is the environmental dimension in the UN’s new goals for sustainability. 

In addition, Sundtoft will particularly address the pollution of the waters. UNEP will submit a report on the state of the environment in the world. 

Sundtoft will also attend an exhibition the Norwegian company SunErgy is holding in Nairobi. They are building and operating solar power plants in rural areas mainly in West Africa.


Below you can watch a video by UNEP on the road to the UNEA:


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