Oslo Labor Party Will Ban Petrol and Diesel Cars

Talking to Dagsavisen, Oslo Labor Party manager Jan Bohler and Deputy Grete Haugdal say that they proposed to ban all petrol and diesel cars by no later than 2035. 

The proposal is part of the Oslo Labour Party’s new draft environmental policy paper, prepared by a working group with Haugdal and Oslo Ap’s youth branch (AUF). The proposal will be submitted during the Oslo Labor’s annual meeting this weekend.

Haugdal and Bohler believe there is a need for stronger measures to reduce local hazardous air pollutants and greenhouse gases. Bohler insists that the proposal is not an attack on cars.

– We want people to have the freedom to use car, but in Oslo and the other major cities, these vehicles cause high level of popllution in long term. We must now set clear boundaries, just like the introduction of the smoking ban, for how long we’re going to let such cars in Oslo. By doing so, both motorists and car manufacturers have the opportunity to take measures, so that we have a smooth transition to cars that do not pollute the environment, says Bohler.

Researcher Erik Figenbaum from the Institute of Transport Economics (Transportøkonomisk institutt) believes it is currently impossible to predict when zero-emission cars will be more common than fossil cars.

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