Hadia Tajik is Close to Be Vice President of Norway’s Labor Party

If the Labor Party leader Jens Stoltenberg is appointed as the Secretary General of NATO next week, Jonas Gahr Støre is expected to take over party leadership. But the question is who will be the party’s number two. According to Norwegian media, the experienced Labor politician Trond Giske (47) and young Hadia Tajik (30) are two strongest candidates. 

In an Infact survey conducted on behalf of VG, many people think Hadia Tajik is best suited to be deputy, if Gahr Støre becomes the leader of the party. The entire 33.6 percent believes Tajik is best suited, while only 12, 5 percent believes veteran Trond Giske should be the deputy. Also, according to Norway’s most visited news portal VG’s online survey based on over 4,000 votes, 50 percent of voters support that Hadia Tajik should be the new deputy.

Election researcher Frank Aarebrot believes Tajik is seen as a “normal” politician.

Aarebrot notes the fact that Hadia Tajik (30) with Pakistani parents receives such a high support shows Norwegian people have become mature about politics and immigration.

– She has managed something that other immigrant politicians such as Socialist Left Party (SV) politician Akhtar Chaudhry have failed to do. She has broken the image of immigrant politician and is seen as a normal politician, not an immigrant politician, says Aarebrot.

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