Surprising New Election Poll Result in Norway

Conservative Party goes up by 3.3 percent point  to 30.3 percent in the poll done by Norstat for Vårt Lands . While the other member of the coalition, FrP, is experiencing a free fall, reports Aftenposten.

– It is obvious that the curve of FrP is falling downwards . If one compares with the 2013 election, FRP has fallen by 4.6 percentage points. This is a worrying trend for the party, says election researcher Bernt Aardal at the University of Oslo.

Impossible task for FrP

Election researcher Anders Jenssen Todalshytta at NTNU in Trondheim believes that Per Sandberg, who last weekend made it clear that he still continued as deputy chairman of the party, has a very difficult job ahead.

Beside FrP, the Labour Party(Ap:Arbeiderpartiet) experience a fall of 2.8 percent point to 32.1 percent. Jens Stoltenberg’s party’s fall is probably due to relatively high numbers in December poll.

The Green Party rejoices

For Socialist Left Party (SV) , however,it is still imminent crisis. Support drops just beneath the threshold of 3.9 percent, but would end up with only two parlimentary seats if this poll were election result .

Center Party(Senterpartiet) makes a strong jump of 1.6 percentage points in the poll. It is suggested this increase is done by Liv Signe making it clear that she is stepping down as party leader, yet the connection cannot be known for sure.

Besides the Conservative Party(Høyre)  , it is undoubtedly the Green Party((MDG:Miljøpartiet de Grønne) who has the most to cheer about. The party makes a sharp jump up to 4 percent , and is thus above the threshold , which would have provided seven seats in in Parliament in an election .


The figures from VårtLands measurement: SV 3.9 percent ( 0.5 ) , Labour Party (Ap)  32.1 ( -2.8 ) , Sp 5.9 ( 1.6 ) , Christian Democrats (KrF) 5.1 ( -0 , 6) , V 5.1 ( 0.6 ) , Conservative(Høyre) 30.3 ( 3.3 ) , FrP 11.7 ( -3.0 ) , the Green Party(MDG)  4.0 ( 0.8 ) , Red Party (Rødt) 1 , 4 ( 0.4 ) Other 0.5 ( -0.9 ) .

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