Norway Warns UK Not to Exit European Union

– It’s very nice to come to London to meet David Cameron for the first time as prime minister , said Erna Solberg when her Norwegian delegation arrived to the country yesterday. 

It is 23 years since the last two Conservative prime ministers of Norway and the United Kingdom met. 

In December, British Primie Minister Cameron had presented Norway-EU model as an horror case against the Eurosceptics in his country. 

– UK faces being ‘governed by fax’ from Brussels and reduced to the standing of Norway, unable to influence the EU’s laws, if it leaves the European Union, Cameron said.

Solberg says she understands that Cameron uses Norway as a counter-example in his argument and she states that the EEA agreement as an alternative of full membership to EU, Norway has committed , is not something she recommends to the British politicians.

Erna Solberg told Cameron not to push Britain towards an EU exit. Citing the experience of Norway – which is not an EU member but has very close trade ties through its membership of the European Economic  Area – Solberg said: “Those in the British debate who look at Norway’s association underestimate how closely connected we actually are with many of the laws and rules they are annoyed with.

Norway is a member of the European Economic Area. This grants it access to the single market, but it is obliged to respect the laws of the free trade area. 

It last held a referendum on full EU membership in 1994, when it was narrowly rejected, but anti-EU attitudes have hardened in recent years.

David Cameron has been under constant pressure during this parliament from Eurosceptic Conservative MPs and also Ukip, the anti-EU party led by Nigel Farage.

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