Norway More Keen to Keep the EEA Agreement

Two years ago, the EEA supporters in Norway was minority, but the new poll shows that 58 percent now believe that Norway must keep the agreement. Only 20 percent think Norway should withdraw from the EEA Agreement. The rest of the respondents say they do not know what they think about the matter. 

European Movement leader Jan Erik Grindheim rejoices the results. 

– It is gratifying that people see the value of a close relationship with the EU. At the same time, I hope it can make our effort to inform the benefit of full membership easier, he says to Nationen. 

Support for Norwegian EU membership is lower than ever, but increased support for EEA is not contradiction to full EU membership, he adds. 

About EEA

The European Economic Area (EEA) comprises the member states of the European Union (EU), plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, member states of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). It was established on 1 January 1994 following an agreement between the member states of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the European Community (which became the EU). It allows the EFTA-EEA states to participate in the EU’s Internal Market without being members of the EU. They adopt almost all EU legislation related to the single market, except laws on agriculture and fisheries. 

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