Mandela’s Death Opens Old Wounds in Norway’s Political History

Talking to Norwegian state televison, SV politician Bård Vegar Solhjell claimed that FrP and its predecessor Anders Lange’s Party supported and were in contact with the apartheid regime that held Nobel laureate Nelson Mandela as a political prisoner for 27 years.

He said among other things that FRP should open its own archives to prove that they did not support the apartheid regime during the election campaign in 1973.

FrP parliamentarian Kristian Norheim asked, in return, Solhjell to document his claims and said he is the last to defend the regime in power in South Africa and felt sick at the thought that such a regime existed. 

He also gave SV full access to the archives of the FrP.

– Solhjell is welcome to search our archive and read it himself. Maybe he can find some good stuff there too, said he.

At the same time, Norheim suggested that Solhjell’s party have historically backed the authoritarian regimes around the world.

– SV have had contact with dictatorships and authoritarian states throughout the history, and SV’s first leader Berit Aas called the Soviet Union as a peace project, said Norheim.

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