New Election Poll Surprises FrP

There is a decrease of 0.9 percentage points from the previous poll and 3.9 percent points from the general election where FRP got 16.3 percent. The abrupt decrease comes after two weeks of intense criticism of the new ministers Solveig Horne and Sylvi Listhaug and discussions around outgoing deputy Per Sandberg.  

The other member of the coalition, Conservatives (Høyre), on the other hand, continues to increase its votes. The party has support of 28.2 percent with an increase of 0.8 from the previous measurement. 

If the poll was the election results, would Høyre get three more seats and FRP would lose seven seats. 

The results for the other parties: Labour Party (Ap) 31 per cent (-2.6), Christian Democrats (KrF) 6.2 percent (+0.6), Liberals (Venstre) 5.8 (-0.3), SV 5.3 (+0.9), Sp 4.9 (+0.8), the Green Party 3.8 (+0.9)

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