Norway’s New Child and Equality Minister’s Interviews Make Trouble

Norwegian newspapers bring back the Progress Party (FrP) deputy and the new Child and Equality minister Solveig Horne’s previous statements. According to VG, Horne said that ” the girls are responsible for the situation they put themselves in, “when she was asked about the rape of women in an interview with NRK in 2011. 

– I have been a committed opposition politician in the Parliament for eight years. Some of my statements might have been somewhat articulated, and I would probably state it a little differently today, says Horne after reminding her statements. 

But Horne’s controversial interviews are not limited to that one. In 2012, the new minister blamed  Jens Stoltenberg’s crew for rape cases in her home county of Rogaland. 

In an interview with Stavanger Aftenblad three years ago, she had said rapes in Stavanger is a consequence of the government’s immigration policy. She had further suggested that Jens Stoltenberg and his people in the cabinet bring men from medieval cultures to Norway, which allegedly result in raping of Norwegian women. 

After this statement, Horne had tweeted the following message her to be bmed of homophoby: “I wonder if it’s okay that kindergartens read to young children about gay stories?” 

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