FrP Politician Gulati to Defend New Asylum and Immigration Policy

Progress Party (FrP) youth branch leader Himanshu Gulati becomes Deputy Minister at Justice Ministry. 25-year-old Indian background politician says he understands why people might react to Progress Party’s asylum and immigration policy.

Acording to NRK’s report, Gulati says they are going to follow a policy they believe is right. -We understand that people can react to it, but our job is to do what we think is right, says he.

Tough immigration and asylum issues await the 25-year-old politician and he will speak on those issues on behalf of the Government. One of the most controversial issues in the new period is closing of reception centers for the asylum seekers who refuse to cooperate with the authorities.

– I think many people already notice that there is a new government. We will work to close the reception for those who will not cooperate with the authorities, and for faster transmission of such criminal asylum seekers, says Gulati.

About Gulati

Born in Norway to an Indian family who immigrated to Norway from New Delhi during the 1970s, his father is a physician, and his mother is a physiotherapist. He grew up in the rural village of Lavik, Høyanger where his father worked as a general practitioner before relocating to Lillestrøm, Akershus at the age of fourteen. Parallel to his involvement in politics, Gulati for a time studied medicine before deciding it was not for him. He later received a bachelor degree in Economy and Leadership from BI Norwegian Business School, as well as having attended a six-month course in filmmaking at an academy in India.

After taking an early interest in politics, he joined the FpU, or the youth organization of the Progress Party at the age of fifteen. He was elected chairperson of the Progress Party’s Youth, on 24 March 2012 after previously having been vice-chairperson for two years. Apart from this he is also currently serving as a deputy member to the Storting. On a local level he has since 2007 been a representative on the Skedsmo municipal council, representing FrP. He was an outspoken critic of the Red-green coalition, especially on issues of foreign policy, immigration and taxation.

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