FRP Takes Over Norway’s Agriculture Policy

Sources in the next two coalition parties confirmed to VG that Conservative Party (Høyre) will take the fisheries ministry, while Progress Party (FRP) gets Agriculture Ministry, 

As the Conservative leadership realizes that they can not take control of both ministries, FRP will be responsible for the government’s agricultural policy.

However, this decision does not make the farmer union happy. President of Norwegian Farmers’ Union, Nils T. Bjørke tells the newspaper that FrP knowsvery little about Norwegian agriculture, and it will be harder to find solutions.  He also reminds that the party in several budget discussions proposed to reduce allocations to agriculture by 5.5 billion NOK.

– It would have been the end of Norwegian food production, if their proposal had been accepted. Now, they still have a majority in Parliament, so we’ll probably be able to work with them anyway. But it had been easier with the Conservatives, says Bjørke.

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