100 Percent Tax on Income Over 1.5 Million in Norway

Rødt leader Bjørnar Moxnes porposes radical changes in taxation in Norway, including 100 percent marginal tax on all income over 1.5 million.

– Most people in Norway lives on an income of 450,000 NOK. I do not understand why a stock broker shall have an income equal to life-time salary of a nurse. We want a society of small differences, – says Moxnes to TV2.

He does not think this will have any effect on either motivation or productivity in the workplace. He adds: – If you have to have two million NOK to do a job, then it is you who has a problem, not others. People work for much lower wages and do a great job for our community.

A New Foreign Policy and Retirement Revision

The party leader also promised they would bring a new perspective to Norwegian foreign policy, when they get into Parliament.

– Foreign policy is a very important question for us. For example, Norway went to war against Libya two years ago. It was a war that has created great suffering for the people of Libya, it has ruined cities, and they therefore took the decision on sms, said he.

Retirement was another issue, Rødt leader mentions in his interview with TV2. Moxnes said it is very difficult for them to accept that today’s pensioners who have worked and stood at the workplace and has been on for decades are not allowed to go off at 62 because they earned too little. We must put an end to this, he says.

About Rødt

Rødt (Red Party) is a Norwegian far-left political party and the leading party to the left of the Socialist Left and the Labour Party in Norway. Since 2007 the party has sought a seat in Parliament. The party was founded in March 2007 by a merger of the Workers’ Communist Party and the Red Electoral Alliance. Bjørnar Moxnes is the Red Party’s current leader.

Red is officially committed to socialist ideals. Red, along with its predecessor party, the Red Electoral Alliance, has struggled with the label “communist”. This label is a result of many of the party’s leading members promoting communist values.

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