Norwegian Authorities to Give Same Support to Print and Digital Media

Changes in the allocation of funds will take place from January 1 next year when the format of the newspaper, paper or digital, will have no value. It took one and a half year since the government submitted a new model of subsidizing publications. 

– We already live in an era of digital revolution. The irony is that the current subsidy scheme of publications undermining their development. Newspaper editors should be able to make independent decisions about the way in which they can focus in the digital domain. At least, funding should contribute to this and not hinder, – said Tajik to Klassekampen.

Olemic Thommessen, MP from Conervatives is glad that Tajik’s work is on schedule. He warns that Conservatives will hold a relevant reforms if the party wins the elections.

However it is known that the Conservatives want to cut funding of press by 100 million NOK. In turn, the Progress Party wants to cut subsidies by 180 million kroner, and eventually even cancel the existing scheme of subsidizing the press. Tajik pleased that Thommessen supported her idea, but at the same time skeptical of the initiative that the Conservatives will cut funding of press.

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