Labor Party’s Rating (Ap) is Still Going Down

Labor (Ap) has support of 27.5 percent, while the Conservatives (H) voted by 0.7% higher and end at 31.9 percent. Progressive party (Frp) got 14.2 percent support, up by 0.6 percentage points from July.

The poll conducted by VG is particularly interesting because it is more comprehensive than regular polls of over 3,000 questioned, which should result in lower margins of error than other measurements.

Labor coalition of partners is standing still. SV receives the same support as in July by 3.3 percent – well below the threshold – while Center Party (Sp) proceeded by 0.1% to 5.3 percent support.

The measurement has shown that both Red (Rødt) and the Green Party (MDG) are entering the parliamen with one seat each.

The figures for the other parties (the difference from the previous month is in brackets): KrF 5.5(-), Left 5.6(+0.4), Red 2.0(-), MDG 2.9(+0,8) Others 1.7(-0.5).

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