Socialists (SV) Will Say No to All New Oil Projects

SV leader Audun Lysbakken has introduced a new climate action rule, which is consistent with the requirements to reach the two-degree target resulting in actions that some of the Norwegian oil and gas will remain below ground and ice. The statement was proposed during a press conference at the Opera in Oslo which the party started on the run for the elections.

The party’s promise means that all oil and gas in the unopened areas in the Barents Sea and around Jan Mayen and Svalbard will be left untouched “for years to come.”

Lysbakken also said that the Fund must be a “green fund that contributes to a greener economy” meaning that Norwegian government will not invest in companies involved in oil, coal, shale and tar sands and that the Fund will not invest in companies that are labeled as climate offenders in the industry, for example by excluding the worst four of them.


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