Christian Democratic Party (KrF) Leader Seeks Coalition with Conservatives (H)

The chaotic media circus filled up the little house in Bømlo with dozens of journalists, local politicians and business people.

– My invitation of Erna for lunch at our family home in Bømlo is a symbol of our desire that she will become the next prime minister, – said Hareide, who do not hide the fact that he dreams of reviving Bondevik coalition between the Conservatives (H), Christian Democrats (KrF) and Liberals (V).

He admits that Christian Democrats and the Conservatives also have their differences as they must agree, if the dream of a center-right government coming true.

– I’ve said all the way that I am willing to have a four party government, – says Erna Solberg to VG. “It’s going to be difficult but when we’re sitting there for answer key in hand after the election, we agree that we all should sit down and talk,” – responds Conservative leader. 

Election researcher Frank Aarebrot, a professor of comparative politics at the University of Bergen, believes, however, that the Christian Democrats make a mistake by forming such close ties with the Conservatives just weeks prior to the election, in that they almost go to the election with the Conservative leader as prime.

– None of the minor parties should bind up the two major parties as they now do. By doing so, push the voters of the Labor Party on the one hand, and the Conservatives on the other, – meant Aarebrot

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