Health Minister Says No to Free Birth Control Pills

The project comprising distribution of free pills to young women was conducted in 2008 and 2009 in the cities Tromsø and Hamar. Bodø and Porsgrunn was selected as control cities where women only participated in surveys, reports TV2 channel.

As a result abortion rates were halved in cities where women were offered free contraception, and Health Directorate wrote in its recommendation to the Ministry of Health and Care Services last year that the most effective measure to reduce abortions among women in early 20’s is offerring free contraception.

But Støre isn’t looking forward for implementing the results on the whole country. When Christian Democrat Kjell Ingolf Ropstad asked the Minister about the case, the Minister replied that the measure could result in a reduction, but the price of 100 million that the scheme will cost is too big, and there is risk that healthy young women would be geared towards, so money alternatively could be used on other measures having positive effects.

– This year we have also spent over 30 million on information and actions that go on knowledge rather than free contraceptives. It also seems that it works, – State Secretary Kjell Erik Øie says.

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