SV Takes Asylum Children Right for Election Campaign

SV has received strong reactions from the party’s own supporters who believe the party did not do enough for asylum children case, writes Klassekampen. Party leader Audun Lysbakken saysthat he will win activists’ trust. 

– We have been fighting for asylum children in the government for eight years. Now we need a summer and an election in which the situation of these children come into the spotlight. We can make a difference for these families in government, says Lysbakken the newspaper. 

He also notes they will launch their own suggestions for asylum children’s situation. They will present their proposals for how the children’s best interests must be taken into account in all asylum cases, and how the situation can be resolved for those who have been waiting for clarification. 

Asylbarn in Norway

Asylum children (“asylbarn” in Norwegian), children of refugees, are the subjecy of a heated debae in the country.  Their applications for asylum in Norway are either rejected after they live in the country for years or kept waiting for clarification of their stay.

Hundreds of these children were born in Norway, or have lived in the country most of their lives. They’ve gone to Norwegian school , and most are considered well-integrated and fluent in Norwegian.

Questions arise over the long asylum evaluation process or deportation after they end up spending most of their lives in Norway. 

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