Three Parties Fall Under Threshold

While the Labour(Ap) keeps its title as the country’s largest party, both Christian Democratic Party (KrF), Socialist Left Party (SV) and Liberal Party (Venstre) fall below the threshold in the recent TV 2 poll.

According to the figures of the poll, SV receives only 3.8 per cent with a 1 per cent point fall and stays under the threshold for the first time since January.

Also, the poll shows that only half of the voters who voted for SV in the 2009 general election would do the same today and Heikki Holmås would become the party’s sole representative in Parliament from Oslo.

The most striking result about the survey is that SV loses some former voters to parties on the right wing.

Venstre, on the other hand, gets only 3.2 percent support and the leader Trine Skei Grande would be the party’s sole representative in the Parliament. Background figures similarly show that only half of the voters who voted Liberal Party in 2009 would have done the same today. The party lost most of its previous voters to the Conservatives.

Christian Democratic Party leader Knut Arild Hareide is the only parliamentary parties under the threshold that will not have to represent his party alone. He gets along with Olaug Bollestad who is the party’s top candidate in Rogaland with a 3.8 per cent support. 

The measurement is made by TNS Gallup for TV 2 with personal telephone interviews of 977 persons entitled to vote in the period 27.-31. May. 79.9 percent of respondents stated their party preference. The margin of error is + / – 1.4-2.8 percentage points. 

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