Environment Party’s Controversial Proposals Surprise Norwegians

Here are some of the surprising proposals: 

  • * Providing climate refugees UN status and increase the quota to 2,000. Amnesty and residence permits for unreturnables immigrants.
  • * Stopping use of petroleum completely within 20 years. Stop all further exploration for oil and gas on the Norwegian continental shelf.
  • * Prohibiting the import of petrol and diesel cars from 2015 and introducing aircraft seat fee of 600 NOK on flights.
  • * Increasing the Norwegian self-sufficiency of agricultural products and giving farmers more revenue. 
  • * Public ownership of roads, tracks, cables, sewage and drinking water.
  • * Regulating the financial sector strictly. Prohibiting hedge funds and short selling of securities and currencies. Introducing tax and financial activities tax.
  • * Removing inheritance tax and covering lower income with higher wealth.
  • * Limiting the right to interest on the tax to prevent the growth in house prices.
  • * Introducing social wage replacement for social, academic scholarships and a number of other public benefits.
  • * Requiring public institutions to serve at least 50 percent organic food by 2017. Prohibiting soda and candy machines at schools and health institutions.
  • * Stricter rules for the activities of PR agencies and communication consultants.
  • * Minimizing the use of imprisonment, introducing electronic ankle bracelet and encouragement of community service.
  • * Canceling the purchase of fighter aircraft F-35. Making everyone do military service training in methods of nonviolent resistance and non-cooperation.
  • * Decriminalizing the use of illegal drugs and possession of small amounts of material for their own use. 
  • (ANB)

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