FRP Loses Voters to Conservatives

According to a poll conducted for Norfakta, the poll shows that the two right-wing party can reach majority in the parliament with 87 seats. While Høyre receives the support of 30.7 percent of voters, FRP has supports of 17.8 percent.

In 2009, the FrP won the 22.1 percent support, but fell to only 11.4 percent in the municipal and county elections two years later due to effects of 22 July. During the same period Høyre grew by 10.8 percent up to 28 percent.

Deputy Leader of the Progress Party, Per Sandberg told Klassekampen that polls show differently the loyalty and movement between the parties and only the election results mean something. He admits that the party has “lent” some voters to the Conservatives, but believes that his party will take voters back.

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