Anti-Schengen Block is Expanding in Norway

Progress Party (FrP) was quick to criticize Sp’s new resolution to actively work to enroll Norway out of the Schengen agreement, but the party now proposes to renegotiate the agreement in their new party program, reports Nationen.

– It has been witnessed that the agreement can contribute to the unfortunate consequences of transnational organized crime, writes FRP in their new party program which will be adopted by the end of April. 

Also it is sated that FRP would “continuously evaluate whether Norway benefits from the continued membership in Schengen. A minority of the Progress Party’s national executive committee also recommends to revise the membership of Schengen. Frp Parliament Peter N. Myhre and Karin S. Woldseth said the proposal for renegotiation is linked to a desire to strengthen the limits of the Schengen area. 

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