Norwegian Labour Party Hit By Fraud Scandal

Former County Secretary in Nordland AUF is accused of 120.000 NOK fraud. The young secretary was on the election list of the coalition member- Norwegian Labour Party in 2009 and according to NRK, he was one of the most prolific young politicians in the region.

The young politician is now prosecuted by AUF for embezzling 120,000 NOK from the party organization, after the control committee uncovered financial irregularities in the accounts of the regional branch for 2010.

AUF regional branches around the country are mainly financed by the parent party’s regional branches which are funded through state funding of political parties. Sletbakk is reported to have embezzled 70,000 NOK from Nordland AUF and 50,000 NOK from AUF local branch of Narvik.

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