KrF and FrP Battle for Israel

The battle for the Israel-friendly voters between Christian Democrats (KrF) and Progress Party (FrP) has sharpened towards the election in 2013. After FRP announced to have a clear pro-Israel profile and KrF has failed in Israel policy in previous days, KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide says there is no Norwegian party that supports Israel better than KrF and demands change in Norway’s policy towards Israel.

Hareide accuses the current government of having made a conscious choice not to have a balanced view of the Middle East conflict. KrF leader claims that only Palestinians have confidence in Norway as a peace retailer.

Hareide does not doubt the government’s desire for peace, but he thinks the call for Israel boycott has destroyed Norway’s image. Christian Democratic Party leader also requires a reorganization of the Middle East policy in a new socialist government.

Christian Democratic Party leader Knut Arild Hareide, on the other hand, rejects that the Christian Democrats have weakened its Israel-friendship, but complains about little media coverage of the vision they constantly maintained.

Now he demands that any new bourgeois government must promote a stronger-Israel friendship than the coalition government has done.

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