FrP politican Per Sandberg: – There is not much difference between FrP and Liberals (Venstre)

Norwegian Liberal Party (Venstre) declared that a new bourgeois government is possible with even far-right conservative party, FrP. In response to this statement, Per Sandberg (FRP) said to TV2 FRP will neither have problem to come to terms with the Liberals.

Earlier this week, the Liberal Party (Venstre) presented a summary of the key priorities of the party, if there is a change in government after the elections. 

– Liberals wants a government with the Conservatives (Høyre) and the Christian Democratic Party (KrF), but some of these points is possible to achieve even with the Progress Party (FrP), said the Liberal leader.

Sandberg said they aggree on most of the Venstre’s 20 point action plan. He added that they are especiaaly on the same side in terms of improving the railways and climate policy as long as they do not require new taxes. He also approves the Liberals’ desire for a tax exemption for energy efficiency measures.

Moreover, Progress Party deputy leader has no problems supporting the Liberal Party’s proposal to reverse the introduction of the controversial EU directive of Data storage. He is however skeptical about the proposal to put more emphasis on children in immigration matters and clearly refuses to introduce voting for 16 year olds.

Progress Party deputy leader Per Sandberg believes that many have been more concerned to look for differences than similarities between his own party and the Liberals.

– Differences between the two parties have been often emphasized, but we now reveal that the difference between the two parties are not so great, concludes Sandberg.

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