Majority Believe the Next Norwegian Prime Minister will be Erna Solberg

A recent poll for TV 2 by TNS Gallup featured party leadership in Norway. The result of the poll shows that A clear majority of those who have an opinion in the survey think Erna Solberg becomes Prime Minister after parliamentary elections in 2013.

The entire 60,0 per cent of respondents believe the Conservative leader becomes Prime Minister after the next election, while 36,6 percent think current Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (Labour Party) will continue.

When TNS Gallup asked the same question just a month ago, 52,4 percent of the respondents said Erna Solberg would be Prime Minister, while 46,2 percent said Jens Stoltenberg.


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About Høyre

The Conservative Party (Norwegian: Høyre, H, literally “right”) is a Norwegian political party. The current leader (since 2004) is Erna Solberg. Since the 1920s, the party was consistently the second largest party in Norway, but has been surpassed by the growth of the Progress Party in the late 1990s and 2000s. In 2005, the party went through the worst election in its entire history, but has seen a strong surge in polls since the 2009 election.

The party regards itself as an opponent of socialism, and advocates economic liberalism and reduction of taxes and public spending. It has historically been the most outspokenly pro-European Union party in Norway, supporting Norwegian membership during both the 1972 and 1994 referendums. The party generally supports privatizations and tougher law and order measures.

Founded in 1884, the Conservative Party is the second oldest party in Norway, placing itself only after the Liberal Party. In the interwar era, one of the main goals for the party was to achieve a centre-right alliance against the growing labour movement, when the party went into a decline. From 1950 to 2009, the party participated in six governments; two 1960s national governments (Lyng’s Cabinet and Borten’s Cabinet), one 1980s Conservative Party minority government (Willoch’s First Cabinet), two 1980s three-party governments (Willoch’s Second Cabinet and Syse’s Cabinet), and finally the 2000s Bondevik’s Second Cabinet.

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