Norway Adopts State Church Seperation

– It is important that we preserve Christian Norway. Humanism and Christianity are two entirely different things. It is like night and day, says Jorunn Aarsrud, a major in the Salvation Army.

According to TV2’s report, demonstrators protested the parliament, that made two historic changes in the Constitution. State Church is discontinued and the Norwegian Church is set on an equal level with other faith and belief communities in the country. This means that the church itself will be appointing deans and bishops, who used to be done by the government.

About Church in Norway

The constitutional head of the Church is the King of Norway, who is obliged to profess himself a Lutheran. The Church of Norway is subject to legislation, including its budgets, passed by the Storting, and its central administrative functions are carried out by the Royal Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs.

79.2% of Norwegians were members of the state Church of Norway as of January 1, 2010, a 1% drop compared to the year before and down nearly 3% from two years earlier. However, only 20% of Norwegians say that religion occupies an important place in their life (according to a recent Gallup poll), making Norway one of the most secular countries of the world.

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