New Controversial Financial Support Accusation against Lysbakken

Norwegian daily VG revealed that Audun Lysbakken has given NOK 300,000 in financial support to a book on sex education. A month after Lysbakken became minister in 2009, the Children, Equality and Inclusion ministry provided this money in support of the book “Sexuality in School” which was written by Åse Røthing and Stine Helena Bang Svendsen, both SV members.

“Sexuality in the school” is critical of the traditional sex education at schools, since it largely focuses on fertility, according to VG. It may be perceived as discriminatory by gays and lesbians, according to the authors.

SV Hit By Accusations

Three days ago, another Norwegian newspaper had claimed that the Minister of Children and Equality from the coalition government’s member Socialist Left Party (SV), Audun Lysbakken appropriated NOK 500,000 for self-defense courses for girls last fall but the grant was announced and provided to only party’s own youth politicians and sub organizations.

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