FrP Politician Accused of Rape

Member of Kristiansand City Council Politician Beate Helland from Progress Party(FrP) accused that Member of Parliament from the same party, Henning Skumsvoll has sexually abused her.

Beate Helland went to Agder police with serious accusations against the MP from FrP.

– We received the report and need to sit down and evaluate. We will then consider whether we should do some more investigation, said prosecutor Ingrid Thorsen to VG Nett.

According to Beate Helland, three sexual harrassment cases occurred in 2008 and 2009.

On the other hand, Skumsvoll's lawyer Andreas Bjorn Salvesen suggested Helland is trying to exploit the issue as his client has recently won NOK 7 million in gambling.

– There is no doubt that she is only looking for money. She wants NOK 100,000 for pain and suffering, said he to VG.

The assaults allegedly took place in 2008, and Helland said she was nearly unconscious because she was drunk.

Sexual Scandals Shake FrP

Norway's right-wing populist party FrP has been shaken with consecutive sex scandals this year. In March, a leading local FrP politician Trond Birkeland had been arrested on the charges of sexual abuse against a child under the age of 16.

In September, Another FrP MP Bård Hoksrud had to resign from all his posts after TV2 revealed that he had paid for sex with a prostitute while on a weekend trip to Riga in Latvia.

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