Frp Politician Insults African Origins

Odd Beston, Progress Party's first deputy to the municipal council of Hurum and board member of Hurum Progress Party, made an offensive comment about the increasing rape cases debate on his Facebook page. The FrP politician wrote this message on his profile on Sunday evening:

"I can not understand that it is still problem to get rid of all rapes in Oslo, NORWAY … It's enough to close Norwegian border and send all the monkeys back to Africa where they can live their f# fine culture (which some still manage to call so). The worst is that there are women in Norway who find these monkeys from Africa so fine".

Now he regrets his Facebook initiative, writes local newspaper,Drammens Tidende.

– It was a misunderstanding. I am not at all racist, said Beston and argued he meant to call only rapists as monkeys, regardless of their origins.

Beston is the board member of Hurum Progress Party in addition to serving as first deputy of the Progress Party in both the municipality council and planning committee for the past four years.

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