– FRP Plays Victim Role

Huitfeldt warns politicians against political debates about FrP in their election campaigns, wrote Klassekampen.

– I would like to encourage everyone not to make unfair attacks against FrP. says Huitfeldt.

After the campaign has started on Saturday, no party has received more media attention than the Progress Party. Simultaneously, the Progress Party tops have been confronted with their previous statements on immigration and Muslims, the former FrP leader Carl I. Hagen 's criticism of police use of resources in the terror investigation received a wide media coverage.

Huitfeldt says that the Progress Party major candidate in Oslo, Carl I. Hagen, has identified the media as an enemy of Progress in this election campaign.

There was strong reaction to Carl I. Hagen's statements that the police prioritize the investigation of terrorist attacks. Hagen said to VG that a long investigation would be waste of resources.

After reactions to his statements, Hagen apologized for his statements, while he accused the media for distorting his message.

Klassekampen reported that Huitfeldt called Hagen's apology as a “non-apology”.

She said blaming media or pretending as if they are silenced in the media is a tactic to avoid taking responsibility for their previous statements that are currently perceived negatively.

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