22 July Continues to Elevate Labor Party, Lets Fall the Right Wings

At the same time, support for the right wing Progress Party (FrP) and the Conservatives (Høyre) falls significantly. FRP falls by 5.5 percentage points to 16.2 percent, and the Conservatives lose 5.9 percentage points to 21.4 percent. On the other hand, the other parties had only small changes in the measurement. Socialist Left Party (SV) gets 5.5 percent and Centre Part (Sp) is 4.6 percent. Christian Democratic Party (KrF) gets 5.1 percent and the Liberals (V) get 4.5 percent.

If the poll result was the result of a general election, Labour would have its best election results since 1985, when Gro Harlem Brundtland headed the party to election victory with 40.8 percent of the vote, writes Nationen.

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