The Oslo Bomber is a Right Extremist

The police reported the person behind both the bombings in Oslo and the armed attack against youth camp are the same people and he is the previously arrested 32-year-old ethnic Norwegian named Anders Behring Breivik.

Despite the former speculations about Al-Qaida linkage to the attacks, Breivik, who lives in a relatively elite area of Oslo, has been member of a right extremist group in Eastern Norway. It was also revealed that he had two registered guns, (a Glock and automatic gun)and has been running a small scale agriculture company since 2009. Police suspects he obtained artificial fertilizer which is used for bomb making through this company.

According to his Facebook profile, his interests are hunting, e-sports and body building. Additionally, his posts on a Norwegian website, showed he is an anti-multiculturalist and advocating a struggle between Nationalist and Internationalist at Norwegian governance.

The Norwegian authorities had refused the incidents as terrorist attack, while some media companies had written it is an Al-Qaida assault as a response to Norwegian military operations in Afghanistan.

Professor Tore Bjørgo from Police High School had told that the pattern of the attacks is not very typical Al-Qaida way and based on the physical evidences, he had said it might be a right extremist group by referring to the similarities to the Oklahoma bombing in 1995.

Magnus Ranstorp, Swedish terrorism expert had previously told it is linked to Al-Qaida like organizations, but he changed his idea having told that the governing party’s youth camp attack shifted the paradigm and it might have been committed by totally an insane person or an extremist right group.

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