Integration Committee's Manifesto to Strengthen Integration

The commission has analyzed areas as work, education, democracy and community participation, and has made concrete proposals in all these areas. They have documented that the majority of immigrants are well integrated in Norwegian society. At the same time, it turns out that a group of about 125 000 immigrants are living with persistent low income. It is important to implement measures to prevent them to remain in this situation because it seems difficult for the children in this group to achieve better living conditions than their parents.

– The commission documents that the current instruments do not provide good enough results and criticizes the government, which does not reduce the differences. This particularly affects women and children. The Commission proposes higher ambitions and about two hundred steps for a better integration of immigrants, "said committee chairman Osmund Kaldheim.

Here are the major steps suggested in the report:

• A 10-year extra effort to get more people into work, focusing on labor market that is adapted to immigrants' needs.

• The right and duty for free language education in a kindergarten for all children with identified needs, and a review of the curriculum and the choice of teaching methods that provide a better learning experience for everyone.

• Reform of adult education for all adults to learn to read and write Norwegian properly.

• The shared values in Norway will be based on human rights with particular emphasis on including equality, freedom, social equality, scientific way of thinking and tolerance.

-Integration is all about work, language and gender equality. The committee gives us the knowledge and suggestions for how we can create a society in which new groups is included to develop the community. Inclusion Committee is broadly composed of persons representing a wide range of knowledge and opinions. The committee's proposal shows that it is possible to agree on a basis for a common integration policy, "said Minister Audun Lysbakken.

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