FrP’s Fall Lifts Up Høyre

In the latest election poll conducted by Sentio for Dagens Næringsliv in April, support towards the Progress Party (FrP) decreased by 7.3 percentage points, while support for the Conservatives (Høyre) increased by 4.8 percentage points. FrP had never experienced such a huge decline in polls. With this result, the party is at its lowest support level with 19.5 since October 2009. On the other hand, Conservatives (Høyre) reached up to 28.8 percent support and took the first place in front of the governing Labor Party (Ap), which lost 2.2 percent of its support. Norwegian political analysts think Høyre is profiting from FrP's decline as a result of the party's key politician Trond Birkedal's sexual abuse scandal.

Also, support for the other coalition government member, the Socialist Left Party (SV), went down to 4.2 percent in the poll after a fall of 1.2 percentage points, while the Center Party (Sp) received 5.2 percent, an increase of 1.1.

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