Women Politicians will Prohibit Strip Clubs

-Stripping Bars foster human trafficking and degrades women, says women politicians in the Labor Party(Ap), Centre Party(Sp), Socialist Party(SV) and Rød. The coalition of women politicians will close all of Norway's strip bars.

Martin Hammer (SV) suggested that striptease consolidates the image of woman as an object and a commodity. She also claimed it humbles women and is part of a dirty industry.

Female politicians from Rød, SV, Sp and Ap have enshrined the ban on striptease as part of a five-point plan for improving gender equality. They believe a law can be designed by borrowing the law in Iceland.

FrP against the ban

Solveig Horne, the Progress Party's (FrP)family spokeswoman reacted to the proposal calling it as state moralism at a high level. "Political parties on the left wing in Norwegian politics will apparently ban anything they do not like, "said Horne.

The FrP politician also criticized the law prohibiting the purchase of sexual services in Norway and claimed the ban is in itself meaningless as the prostitution would always happen.

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