-Norway Must Support Protestors in Egypt

The last few weeks have been marked by massive demonstrations against the authoritarian regime of President Mubarak of Egypt. Bård Vegard Solhjell believes it is crucial that Norway and the international community support the requirement of democracy and make it clear avoidance from violence against the peaceful demonstrators in Tahrir Square in recent days. Eyewitnesses said that the "pro-Mubarak demonstrators" are paid and pressured by the regime.

– President Mubarak has lost all legitimacy among his people. Norway must support the opposition's demands for a rapid takeover of an interim government that can start a reform process. The goal must be to find new leadership that counters Egyptian people's requirements and respects the political and democratic rights. It is also important to make sure that the civilian population are not exposed to unnecessary pressure, says Solhjell.

Solhjell also stressed that Western countries must be clear in their support for the Egyptian people and their desire for a democratic country, in the same way that you support a democratic development in other parts of the world.

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