Norway happy about the new agreement on nuclear disarmament

Russian Parliament approved the new agreement today. The agreement is already approved for ratification in the U.S.. The new Start agreement is the most important agreement between the U.S. and Russia for almost 20 years. The agreement limits the number of deployed strategic nuclear head to 1550 in each of the two countries.

The United States and Russia have over 90 percent of all nuclear weapons in the world. These countries therefore have a special responsibility for nuclear disarmament. "That the new agreement now could take effect is a positive step in the right direction", says the Minister.

– Reduction in the number of nuclear weapons is essential to our security. I hope that the new agreement can lead to an even broader prosess, with larger cuts in the arsenal and how all types of nuclear weapons are included. The goal is a world without nuclear weapons, says Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister.

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