'It is legal' to use your brain

The reactions to the arrest and deportation of “undocumented” immigrant and Norwegian book writer, Marie Amelie continue. Kjell Magne Bondevik suggested that laws should be changed, if the deportation of Maria Amelie is in accordance with the laws.

– The case shows very clearly that it is necessary to reconsider the legislation and regulations on immigration. I know matter only through the media, but the decision appears to be very unreasonable, “he continues.

Bondevik also noted that Maria Amelie came to Norway as a minor, and has stronger ties to Norway than to the country, where she is claimed to come from.

– There are always reviews and interpretations of the rules behind a decision. In this case, it seems that the interpretation has been very rigid, without having taken adequate humanitarian considerations,” said he.

Bondevik concluded his remarks pointing out that her arrest after a lecture at the Nansen Academy, at the beginning of the Nansen-year, makes the issue worse.

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