FrP Suggests Cut in Welfare

Robert Eriksson, leader of the Labour and Social Committee in the parliament said that Norway is about to get a welfare immigration population and claimed many of the new citizens – especially non-western ones – are overusing the welfare system.

Eriksson also suggested Norway to look at the countries such as Germany and Denmark to deal with this problem.

– These countries have introduced stricter conditions and clear requirements for receiving welfare benefits. Residence and activity duty are some of these important measures. It is high time that Norway focused on such measures," he continued.

He believes this will be beneficial for both the immigrants, and society in general by getting more immigrants to work.

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On the other hand, Socialist Left Party (SV) politician Katrine Gramnæs said the proportion of disability pensioners in the population has been very stable for the last few years. She also suggest that there is no reason to believe the efficiency of cutting the welfare benefits to keep people at work.

-There are strict medical criteria for disability benefits. So no one can even choose disability benefits even if they wish. On the contrary, poverty contributes to increasing health problems and make returning to work more difficult", said she.

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