UNESCO and Norway sign a funding agreement

The support that Norway provides to UNESCO through its voluntary contributions is based on a Framework Agreement concluded in 2003, and programmed through a ‘Programme Cooperation Agreement’ that is signed every 2 years.

The PCA for 2010-2011 focuses on the areas of education (about USD 13.5 million), culture (about USD 2.9 million), and communication, with a contribution to the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) of approximately USD 320,000. Through this PCA, the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) also receives a contribution of approximately USD 1.3 million, as does the Independent External Evaluation (approximately USD 70,000).

Upon signing the agreement, the Director-General expressed her appreciation for the excellent cooperation between UNESCO and Norway, recalling the country is one of the major donors to the Organization. She thanked Norway for its strong commitment and continuous support to Education for All (EFA), notably as regards capacity-building for EFA (CapEFA) and the EFA Global Monitoring Report. She also commended Norway’s support for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage and for helping to foster pluralistic, free and independent media through this agreement.

In conclusion, Irina Bokova recalled her visit to Norway in September 2010, which featured many valuable exchanges on issues of mutual concern for Norway and UNESCO.

In his remarks, the Norwegian Ambassador to UNESCO, Harald Neple, emphasized that the contribution reflects his country’s strong commitment to the UN system and confidence in UNESCO – as well as strong expectations for results. “Capacity development runs like a connecting thread throughout the agreement”, he noted.

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