More Research for the Sake of Welfare

– The Government is waging a hostile future for research policy. Norway is to investigate more about the future jobs to be able to carry out welfare," said Elisabeth Aspaker, Conservative faction leader in the Ministry of Education and Research Committee.

Aspaker also noted that Norway has the lowest ratio in the Nordic countries and the OECD average in Europe for the share of GDP to research and development and innovation. Research budgets in 2011 is the weakest in ten years. That means the real decline and is in conflict with the government's own research message.

– It should ring a few warning bells in the government quarter, when countries compete with Norway which has narrower than us economically, however, focuse more on research, "says Elisabeth Aspaker.

The conservative politican suggested that the Conservative Party has greater ambitions for Norwegian research and they will step up spending when they come into government and listed the main points of their research effort as more robust research fund to ensure high returns and long-term increased funding of independent research and investment in equipment, greater focus on SkatteFUNN that can contribute to that business.

She also said that government should investigate more in 2011, if Norway aims to solve the world's climate and environmental challenges.

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