201 Iraqis Killed with Norwegian Weapons

Norwegian government-owned broadcasting company, NRK published 2800 WikiLeaks war reports showing two Norwegian weapon companies' contribution to the Iraq war.

According to the report, 201 civilians have been killed and 498 injured in recorded incidents in which weapons from Norway were involved.

Contributions from Hurum and Kongsberg

The contribution of the Norway-made weapons was explained in the report in detail. It was noted that Norwegian weapon industry has made contrbituion in two ways: Through armored vehicles, Stryker weapons station protectors, which are developed in Kongsberg and the Hellfire missile with fuel from Hurum.

The NRK report shows how the Hellfire missiles are used to bomb houses killing women and children, and how American soldiers in Stryker units killing civilians at roadblocks. While 80 civilian deaths were linked to Hellfire missiles, the Stryker armored vehicles were mentioned in 1727 war reports.

– It is So Tragic

Secretary General of Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), Atle Sommerfeldt suggested that it is tragic to learn Norwegian weapons are involved in the killing of civilians in Iraq.

– It's a tragedy that so many civilians are killed in the Iraq war, and that Norwegian arms may have been involved is serious, says Sommerfeldt.

He also believes that Norway should ask the United States and other allies to make sure that the sold weapons should not be used in war zones.

Conservative Politician, Afshan Rafiq supported Sommerfeldt by telling to NRK that Norway should set stronger requirements about how the U.S. and the allies will be using Norwegian weapons.

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