Drillo Calls for Israel Boycott

The legendary coach stated that there is hardly anyone who can disagree in the usefulness of a cultural and academic boycott of Israel.

Drillo supported his statements by being among the first 100 people from the cultural sector and academia who have signed a petition criticising Israel and calling for cultural and academic boycott.

Other famous people who support the petition

The petition,which was launched on Wednesday urged artists, cultural workers and academicians, and students at Norwegian universities, colleges and cultural institutions to refrain from:

– Research and cultural cooperation with the state of Israel’s universities, research institutions, art and cultural institutions, and representatives of these institutions.

– Exchange of guest researchers, lecturers, exhibitors and artists with these institutions.

– Awarding scholarships and research funds to such institutions and their representatives.

– Participation at scientific conferences and cultural events in Israel with representatives of such institutions.

The experienced football coach suggested that this call is in line with what the 90 percent of the population think.

The Petition text

The state of Israel occupies Palestinian territory, and denies the Palestinian inhabitants basic human rights. The attacks on Gaza in 2009, and the brutal and illegal siege has shocked a whole world . Being in control of all of historic Palestine, Israel subjects the Palestinian population to daily harassment, forces them to abandon more and more areas and treats them as second-class citizens.. The situation has rightly been compared to the apartheid era in South Africa… Read more

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