Football Lobby in Norway Cup: Defence Minister for Afghan Team

– It’s great to be here, and it is very important to get the Afghan team here to the Norway Cup. It is an experience for their players and it gives us an opportunity to talk about our mission in Afghanistan, ” said Faremo.

“A great chance for them to understand the necessity of military operations in Afghanistan”

Grete Faremo made the Armed Forces stand at Ekeberg and met the Afghan team before the match. Defence minister stated that she thinks the team’s participation will also increase awareness about the ongoing military operations in Afghanistan.

The Air Force on behalf of the Armed Forces who originally took the initiative to get the boy made to the Norway Cup. The team won both matches superior, and with the defense minister in the stands went off with his third victory yesterday.

About the Afghan Footbal Team- Faryab United at Norway Cup

The team is participating in Norway Cup for the second time.

They have come to Norway with the initiative of the Armed Forces, with support from Ministry of Defence, Norwegian and Afghan authorities

Norwegian Air Force along with the Defence College is responsible for the practical handling of the team to guide them during their stay.

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