Solheim Congratulates Zanzibar for a Peaceful Referendum

– I want to congratulate the people of Zanzibar and the political leadership with a successful referendum. It reflects people's wishes. We support the decision of sharing of power, “said Minister of Environment and Development, Erik Solheim.

The political situation in Zanzibar , Tanzania has been a tense and violent part of the recent years. Government party and the opposition on the island took the initiative for a solution which gives more influence to the various political parties earlier this year.

– Power sharing can bring reconciliation to Zanzibar. I am convinced this will allow more development and greater growth. I look forward to free and fair elections in October, said Solheim.

In October, the election of new president and new parliament will be held in Tanzania and Zanzibar. Norway had election observers in Zanzibar since August 2009.

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