Norway Joins the EU Sanctions against Iran

The resolution refers two Security Council Resolution 1929 of June 9 That includes calls for UN member states consider two Additional Measures beyond the binding resolutions of the Security Council.

– Norway, like the rest of world , is Concerned about the development of Iran 's nuclear program. We Believe That Iran has not overtaken advantage of the two opportunities Many Curb the international community 's concern related to its nuclear program 's coop and rate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA ). When the EU Adopt strict Sanction two put pressure Wed Iran two coop rate on this basis, it is natural for Norway two support this , ” Said undersecretary of State Gry Larsen. Larsen Also added Norway class will again urge Iran intonation a dialog with the international community two Comply with Security Council orders and coop rate fully with the IAEA.

EU Secretary adopted two Impose new limits Wed Cooperation with Iran in 26 July 2010. The New Measures apply equally two the implementation of Security Council Resolution. The Measures include Sector Such as trade, financial services, transportation and energy. in the report, it was Said That the strict Sanction are designed two exert pressure on the Iranian authorities , not the Iranian people.

Norwegian business activities in Iran has stepped down in recent years, Mostly Because of the challenging conditions in Iran, the current Sanction and the Possibility of new Sanction .

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