WikiLeaks Reveals Secrets of Norwegian Forces in Afghanistan

The entries include the reports of the missions and the incidents of Norwegian forces in Afghanistan which were not published and revealed in Norway before. Some of the entires also show there are civilian killings and damages in some cases. An incident where Norwegian vehicle ran into a group of children in 2009 is one of these cases. Similarly, the report depicts another event in which Norwegian troops shot a civilian car having approached at high speed from behind for warning.

In two other events referred in the entries, it is reported that a man with flashlight was killed and a civilian motor cyclist was shot.

NATO Accuses, WikiLeaks Founder Defends

The USA, Britain and Pakistan have condemned Wikileaks for having published the documents. Norwegian authorities also argued that publication of the Afghanistan War entries may pose a security threat for Norwegian forces in combat. However Wikileaks founder Julian Assange believes there is evidence of war crimes and this event will be helpful to understand what really happened in Afghanistan in the past six years , and it may help the direction of the war to change.

“They Lie and Hide the Truth”

Norwegian Daily, Klassekampen published the opinion's of journalist and peace activist Erling Borgen about the case. Borgen accused Norwegian and other NATO governments of misleading people when they argue that publication of the 90,000 documents on Afghanistan War is a security threat.

In the article, he said that it sounds hollow when the government says the documents undermines soldiers' safety because the latest reports are seven months old, and most are much older. Borgen also stated that he believes Western government secrecy wants hide the truth about the war , not to shield the soldiers.

Facts About Wikileak

Wikileaks is an international organization, based in Sweden, which publishes anonymous submissions and leaks of sensitive documents while preserving the anonymity of sources. Its website, launched in 2006, is run by The Sunshine Press. Wikileaks is led by Julian Assange , an Australian journalist and former hacker. Wikileak gained public attention when they published a video of an attack on a U.S. combat helicopter in Baghdad in Iraq In April 2010 where a dozen of civilian people were shot and killed in the attack , including two employees of Reuters news agency.

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