Norway concerned about Iran’s nuclear programme

Minister of Foreign Affairs Jonas Støre emphasised that no-one is questioning Iran’s right to peaceful use of nuclear energy, and that Iran has received repeated offers of international assistance in this area. Iran is being asked to suspend the most controversial parts of its nuclear programme, such as the enrichment of uranium.

“It is vital that Iran regains its international credibility. This can only happen if Iran suspends its uranium enrichment programmes,” said Mr Støre.

Mr Støre pointed out that Iran has not thus far shown the requisite openness towards and willingness to cooperate with the international community. “Iran has primary responsibility for the doubts that exist about its nuclear programme. It is a non-negotiable requirement that the International Atomic Energy Agency be given full access to all aspects of Iran’s nuclear activities,” he emphasised.

“Norway supports the international demands made of Iran by a unanimous UN Security Council. Iran must now show real willingness to contribute to a negotiated solution,” Mr Støre underlined.

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