Academic Boycott Polemic between Israel and Norway

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) will vote to adopt an academic boycott to Israel, if the majority of the universitie's board approves at a meeting in November, writes Israel's daily, Haaretz
Haretz also noted that the university will host a lecture on Israel's alleged use of anti-Semitism as a political tool three days prior to the meeting of the board. In a part of the controversial six-session lecture, Prof. Moshe Zuckermann from Tel Aviv University will be participating. Israeli Professor Moshe Zucker Mann, who emigrated from Germany to Israel in 1970, is professor of history at Tel Aviv University and known for his highly critical attitudes toward Israel.
The Simon Wiesenthal Center's director for international relations, Shimon Samuels called the seminar “a new stage in Norwegian incitement to Jew-hatred” and “outrageously anti-Israel bigotry” in the letter to Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.
Formerly, Sue Blackwell, a Birmingham lecturer in UK, had initiated a national academic boycott campaign of Israeli academiaby proposing that the move would increase the pressure on the “illegitimate state of Israel” and had accused the country's universities alleging the abusement of Palestinians in the occupied territories, but it was rejected by her university.
The newspaper also referred to the comments of Manfred Gerstenfeld, chairman of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, who has published a book on anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism in the Nordic countries:
-“If this were the U.K., [a boycott] would be illegal. But this is Norway, where these things may fly.”

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